Room to Grow

Your Journey Continues

With Room to Grow we provide a secure and peaceful transition to your next step in life. If you are willing to do the work, we can help.

A Place to call Home

Our 3000 sq. ft. facility is the ideal place to heal and grow. The life you have been working so hard to achieve, is right around the corner.

Discover Your Potential

We all deserve a good life. At Room to Grow, we will support your journey to your best life.

Groups and Support

We offer traditional NA/AA, music therapy, animal therapy, dance therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), and Therapeutic Community (TC) support. We are non-denominational and support a variety of healthy coping mechanisms and activities.

What People Say

I had nowhere to go. I found the house and realized it’s not just a place to live-it’s a program. There are very few resources for women, and this house is a blessing.

Vicky C.

Community Resources and Partnerships

Room to Grow partners with agencies to provide a holistic approach to healing.

A Touch of Well Being

Bio-feedback Therapy: Meet with our expert in reducing anxiety, depression and trauma

The Rock Found

A multitude of resources for re-entry and beyond: We believe no one is disposable.

Soul Care

“Prayer Counseling”: Deepen your day-to-day experience of being grounded in the goodness and presence of God.